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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  January 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> we begin tonight with a wrenching decision by a couple in columbia to adopt a 1 1/2 year-old cousin because his parents can no longer care for him. >> it's wrenching because maryland law may force the family to give up their loving family pet just because it happens to be a pit bull. gary nurenberg has wiped the
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slobber off and is here with the story. >> reporter: anita, a maryland's highest court last year decided pit bulls deserved suffer scrutiny than other dog breeds holding a higher standard for the owners. maryland feels -- the family feels they may have to give up the dog to adopt the baby cousin to needs a home. >> he loves playing and thinks it's a game. okay. here, bub. that's good. >> daddy. >> yeah. oh, gentle baby. >> reporter: jason's rescue dog of hayeser when he was in the service in 2008. 20-month-old caylee came along later. so never had a problem with the two. >> reporter: but the family
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does have a problem, a 1 1/2 cousin in foster care in idaho. >> and we're really the only family members who have the capability of taking care of him right now. >> reporter: but in order to adopt, maryland state government has made a demand about the dog. >> we had to sign an agreementstating we will get rid of him if they decide he cannot be in the home. >> is it just because it's a pit bull? >> uh-huh. i think there's so much stigma against pit bulls there's a good chance they'll say he can't be here. >> it's a tough choice to have to make, but you know, okay. okay. okay. that's it. that's the most threatening thing about this dog. he's liable to lick you. whether you want him to or not. >> reporter: the family reached out to rescue groups to find a new home if it comes to that, fearing if he goes to a pound.
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>> i'm pretty sure he would be euthanized. >> 65 pounds. he's a big dog. but he just loves us. loves to run around playing games. and of course licking people. >> reporter: well, i can personally attest it really is a dog that can't hold its liquor. montgomery county delegate introduced a bill establishing liability standards for dog owners and their landlords based on a dog's history and not its breed. a hearing and a demonstration tomorrow. but that legislation would likely not apply in an adoption case. derek. we've got breaking news for you right now out of alabama where a man shot and killed a bus driver, and now he's holding a 6-year-old boy hostage. right now police in midland city, alabama, negotiating with the suspect. he's 65 years old. the fbi has been called in on this one. according to witnesses, the
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suspect was upset because the driver would not let the child off the bus. the suspect told the other kids to get off the bus. he then shot the driver four times. he grabbed the kid, ran to a nearby bunker. again, he still has that boy and police are trying to negotiate. schools in that area have been cancelled for tomorrow. of course, if we get any update on this breaking story, we will bring it to you. a former culpeper police officer is headed to prison. late this afternoon a jury convicted daniel harmon-wright of voluntary manslaughter for killing an unarmed housewife last year. peggy fox has been covering the case. she's got reaction to that verdict. >> reporter: former culpeper police officer daniel harmon- wright is back in the culpeper county jail tonight after being convicted of voluntar manslaughter and two other counts. after the jury found him guilty, the former police officer was brought out of the courthouse in handcuffs. he seemed to be trying to hide his face as he bowed forward. he also shook his head from
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side to side in disapproval or shock of the verdict. a jury of 8 women and four men found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter, unlawful shooting into a motor vehicle and shooting into a motor vehicle resulting in death. a year ago on february 9th, he shot and killed patricia cook. she was a 54-year-old unarmed housewife who was trespassing sitting in her jeep wrangler in the parking lot of a public school. there was a strange encounter. harmon-wright said she rolled his arm up in the window. he claimed he shot in self- defense and to protect the public. the jury didn't buy it. here's what pat cook's brother and the prosecutor had to say. >> you heard the defendant at the end of his testimony say he would do the exact same thing over again. so i feel that it is important to reinforce the message that that's the wrong attitude. >> my sister shouldn't have been shot on that day.
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and however you call it, it doesn't really matter. and hopefully there will be healing for everybody on both sides of this. >> reporter: if daniel harmon- wright had been convicted of the most serious charge, murder one, he would have faced 20 years to life in prison. but now he is facing anywhere from zero to 25 years. the jury comes back tomorrow for the sentencing phase. they'll hear both sides and then recommend a sentence. at a later date, the judge will either agree with that sentence or reduce it. reporting in culpeper, peggy fox, wusa 9. new at 11:00, a county executive now suspended from his office after a judge found him guilty of misconduct in that office. we're talking about john leopold. today a verdict from the judge. he found him gals of making a female staff worker follow him into the restroom several times a day and empty his catheter
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bag of urine. but not guilty of allegedly using his security detail to drive him to a bowling alley parking lot for sex with a county employee. the judge said he was paid to guard even during a sexual encounter. take care of it or i will. that's the message from president obama on immigration reform. during a trip to a las vegas high school the president praised a reform plan drawn up by a bipartisan group of eight senators. he said if this plan gets bogged down in congress he'll send lawmakers his own bill. >> we need congress to deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country right now. >> the senate plan would give illegal immigrants temporary legal status if they pass a background check, pay a fine, pay back taxes and learn english. they could then apply to become a citizen behind people who
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started the process legally. we are in day two of our blitz and glitz coverage from new orleans. that means today is superbowl media day. >> and even though it happens every year, our kristen berset is live from new orleans where it's always something unusual on media day, isn't it? >> oh, yeah. yeah, it was a crazy day. over 3,500 credentialed media members here trying to get sound from some of the players. some of the team personnel that we don't usually get a chance to talk to. it's not like your serious press conference that we usually have during the regular season. players are laughing, having fun. we're hearing some great stories. some of the players are at the podium while some of the rest of them are just kind of mulling around on the ground. for a couple of guys like ed reed and jacobe jones, this is a homecoming. jones had some friends and family in the stands. got cheers every time that he walked by them. now, while his teammates want
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to explore the big easy, jones says he just hopes to remain incognito. >> try to figure out a place to go. for me, i'm going to the hood, get away from all this craziness so i can relax. >> nobody knows your name. >> everybody in there call me kobe. >> thousands of fans actually paid to come sit and watch this circus that is media day. many decked out in team colors, costumes and some pretty awesome hats, too, i have to say. sadly those costumes did extend to the media folks as well. there are some characters out there for sure. lots of story lines coming out of media day. we get to know these guys a little bit more personal. plus we have former redskins playing in superbowl xlvii. we'll talk to carlos rogers later in sports. i'm kristen berset. guys, back to you in the
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studio. >> just get one of those ring hats. that's what i want. all right, a fellow agent says he is alive today because of a one in 20 million shot. it's really amazing. we'll tell you about it in a minute. plus, medical history made at johns hopkins. an iraq war veteran undergoes a double arm transplant. next he shows off his new arms and talks about his new lease on life. topper? 69 today. not good enough for a record. here's your wakeup weather. we're tracking thunderstorms and also some know and arctic -- some snow and arctic air. windy and mild. it will be dry for
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in tonight's health alert, giving the gift of limbs. an iraq war veteran we met today at johns hopkins got a double arm transplant. his surgery was done in a brand- new way to limit the antirejection medicine he'll need. the technique gives hope to thousands of people who lost hands and arms in accidents or at war. a throng of media and camera flashes meet 26-year-old brandon morocco in baltimore today. he served in the army during operations in iraq where in 2009 he lost all of his limbs in a roadside bomb attack on
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easter sunday. >> since i got hurt, i still thought of myself as being normal. >> reporter: from brave war veteran to medical pioneer. last month brandon underwent a medical presee dure, a -- procedure, a double armed transplant, one of only 7 such successful surgeries ever in the u.s. during the 13-hour operation, doctors connected bones, blood vessels, muscles, skin and nerves on two arms from a deceased done nor. they also infused that donor's bone marrow cells to help him accept the new limbs with less chance of rejection. >> we are now able to perform these type of transplants routinely but come up with innovative protocol, as this one where we use bone marrow from the donor. >> reporter: he'll have to undergo six hours of hand therapy every day for the next two to three years. that's how long it can take
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nerves to regenerate. >> with the determination and stamina that brandon has demonstrated, we have no doubt this was the right thing to do. >> you know, i never really accepted the fact that i didn't have arms. so now that i have them again, it's almost like it never happened. it's like i went back four years and i'm me again. >> wow. the department of defense is sponsoring a study of this new antirejection technique using bone marrow which could make limb transplants available for a whole lot more people. what you see now in this graphic demonstrates the many layers surgeons piece together, starting with the bone plant and the arteries, nerves, veins, all having to be connected. brandon's own nerves will grow down into the new done nor arm giving him more and more movement and control. a kiss is just a kiss? we're finding it it may be a little more. according to sex and
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relationship expert dr. laura berman kissing does more than make you feel good. you can burn up to 25 calories a minute with intense smooches. kissing helps you unwind and boost your immune system. maybe the best of all, a lip lock could help you figure out if you've got the right partner. your saliva has pheromes which are supposed to tell you if you're with mr. or mrs. right. a bullet a drug suspect fired directly at an undercover agent from four feet away, but it didn't hit the guy. no, get this. it went straight down the bow of that officer's gun. >> he shot at me, went down the bow of my pistol and smashed my bullet. his bullet went so straight through the barrel of my gun, it felt like the recall of my bullet going out. and he had fractions of seconds of me pulling the trigger. >> wow, that is former federal
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agent carlos montavia. it happened 25 years now. he's just now talking about it, because he's retiring after all the years working undercover. >> the bullet that saved his life hangs on the wall. when it happened he just looked at the crook and said i did that on purpose. >> and all these years keeping that secret. wow. that's self-control. all right, 69 today. not a record. but you know, relatively close. tomorrow's record at dulles is 70. we're going to be in that ballpark tomorrow. we are still worried about the possibility of big thunderstorms tomorrow evening and about this time tomorrow. we kind of slid things back a little bit. let's start with a live look outside. looking at temperatures, i on't know what month it is. itcertainly doesn't feel like january. 53 right now. dew point's up for 40. we're not going to fall much below the mid-40s to around 50 tonight. winds will pick up out of the south at 7. pressure beginning to fall and that will continue throughout most of tomorrow. look at these temperatures. i don't normally show you this at 11:00 but this is kind of
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cool. 55 at leesburg. 57 in manassas. 53 downtown. 55, gaithersburg. this would be a great daytime high temperature let alone 11:00 at night. okay, one more april like day. strong thunderstorms possible. now, from 6:00 p.m. to about midnight, it's going to be windy. gusts are going to be over 30 miles per hour without the storms. perhaps stronger in some of the storms. and thenback to winter on thursday. all right, here's a look at the futurecast. by 4:30, 5:00, some showers and storms beginning to form. notice the orange and the yellows. you don't see that too often in january for these types of maps. put this back into motion. then a solid line begins to develop by 7:30 from westminster back along i-81. then we put this back into motion. this time tomorrow, look at all the reds. this is crazy. essentially a solid line of showers and storms and heavy rain up and down 95 from north of baltimore all the way down to fredericksburg. so tomorrow morning, though, no
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worries. but tomorrow evening, especially if you're out and about late it will be rather rough. 45 to 50 overnight. partly cloudy, breezy, milder. chance of a shower. winds southwest at 10 to 20. by morning, 40s and 50s. partly sunny, windy and warm. a shower possible. i don't think much will happen in the morning. should be a nice morning commute. winds pick up south/southwest at 15 to 25. by afternoon, windy and warm again with thunderstorms possible late. high 65 to 70. now we've got winds out of the south at 15 to 30 and gusty. so with the potential for big winds and strong storms, obviously it's a yellow alert for tomorrow. 68 and then 44 on thursday. maybe a flurry early. look at this. even a better chance of flurries or snow showers on friday. we'll struggle to get above the freezing mark. next seven days, stays cold over the weekend. clouds come in in the afternoon. maybe a flurry at night on saturday. cold on sunday.
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another clipper comes at us, maybe light rain or snow mondaynight into tuesday. highs in the 40s. derek and anita. it is superbowl week in the city of new orleans. ravens versus 49ers on sunday but it is man versus grub all week long. >> we're talking fresh seafood not to mention marvelous cajun recipes. he spent the afternoon learning how to shuck some oysters. >> the owner of p and j oyster house. you dumped them all out. what makes your oysters so good? >> it's a growing area in which these oysters come from. we're blessed to have oysters in the gulf states that are salty and fat like these. like my son shucking right
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here. we're blessed with this mississippi river and the sweet waters of the gulf. >> reporter: and business is sweet again after mother nature dealt p and j's a terrible blow. >> we do still have a business. and we're succeeding, and with the help of mother nature, we'll get back to where we were previous to that oil disaster. >> i can learn how to do it. if i can eat it i can open one, right? and i love to eat them. so here's my knife. >> go in at the hinge right here. >> here's the hinge. okay. is that good? >> yeah, that was good. then you kind of scrape the bottom there. >> i can eat? >> yeah. >> good and salty. i love it. >> so there is nowhere that you're going to have as many
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great oysters dishes as the oyster capital of the world in new orleans. >> we want some of those oysters here right now. wusa 9, the place to be for the super bowl. we'll continue our reports all week long. blitz and glitz. join us sunday as the ravens take on the 49ers. we had great oysters tonight here, that's for sure. all right, looking ahead to the game, there are some former redskins that are going to be featured in this weekend's game. we'll hear from former first round pick carlos rogers and he talks about some of his memories in d.c. also, ravens general manager ozzie newsom
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now here's kristen berset at the sports desk. >> welcome back. we are live outside the mercedes-benz superdome. day two, the craziness of media day is all over. it is a chance for us to talk to not only the players but some of the team personnel we don't usually get access to. today that meant we got to talk
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to ravens general manager ozzie newsom. everybody that was talking to him wanted to get his take on the offensive coordinator change they made towards the end of the season. he said it was totally coach harbaugh's decision to fire cam cameron and promote jim caldwell. caldwell came in and didn't change much. he really brought them a different approach. >> jim had eight or ten weeks to be with joe. now he has something he can build off of, you know. i think now you're seeing the fruits of that. >> we're in the same place. i mean, i can't really say it's, you know, coach went in and reinvented the wheel. we're calling the same plays. we're just executing them. >> now, some familiar faces to redskins fans will be playing this sunday in superbowl xlvii. you've got ravens defensive tackle who played for washington in 2010. but more familiar is carlos rogers, former first round pick. since coming to san francisco,
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rogers has thrived. in two years as a 49er, he's already recorded the same number of interceptions he did for six years in washington. but. >> if it wasn't for washington i probably wouldn't be here today. i enjoy them. i still go back sometimes. you know, so it's a great organization. just wasn't the organization that fitted for me at the time. right now i'm enjoying this. i'm in the superbowl with this team. and i won't want to be nowhere else. in other sports news, to the ice we go in ottawa tonight. game tied at two plate. the senators on the power play. a bomb from inside the blue line. ottawa takes the lead. the caps have one last gas. craig anderson robs mike. the caps lose this one 3-2. wusa 9 will be back with
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>> it's time for choose your news. three stories, a town taken over by sea foam. there was the daredevil at it again. or the ice palace. >> so it didn't finished yet, but check out this cool creation so far, something topper would like. an ice palace in the centerpiece of a winter carnival in new york. all the ice comes from a nearby lake. each block at least 8 to 12 inches thick weighing up to 500 pounds. thousands of the blocks will be used in all this. this year's design is expected to measure 70 feet by 45 on the inside. i guess you can take a tour.
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eventually disassembled, all the ice goes back in the lake and eventually melts as spring comes. >> isn't that nice? >> it's kind of neat. >> it is kind of neat. >> they have cold weather up there so staying power. >> that is 9 news for tonight. we thank you for sticking around and joining us. >> don't forget we're always on our good friends, the weather man. good night.
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